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More about me

Since I was a child, I was curious about why each of us has a different inner world.


I felt that the role of a therapist would be one of my life missions.

When we are aware of our inner wounds, and we start to heal it, our life begins to change. We don´t have to speak. It is the energy itself that will reveal everything.


We often wish for something, we say it out loud, but our subconscious mind "screams" something completely different. That´s the problem.

I believe that everyone has a different mission in this world. All of us have a different dreams, that is not coincidence. How much we are ready to face our biggest fears, that much we are truly living and we are able to fulfil our potential.


I am an accredited therapist and coach - EFT, NLP. 

I am also an editor for the European magazine MyLifeIn.Eu

If you resonated with me, I would love to meet you on my therapy sessions. It´s possible to meet personally or onli-ne. :)

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